IP Configuration

To setup the IP address of your DVR in following steps:

  1. Find out the internal IP address of your PC/notebook by click the start button and select programs, then find accessories, command prompt. Under command prompt please type “ipconfig” and then you will find the internal IP address of your PC and its’ Subnet Mask address and Gateway (for example: IP Address:, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:
  2. Change the setting of the NETWORK of your DVR by into the manual and going to ADVANCE and then find the setting of NETWORK.  Into NETWORK select type of STATIC and into again.  Set up the IP address, GATWAY and NETMASK by copy the IP address of the internal IP address of your computer but just change the IP address of the last number to “10”. (for example: IP Address:, NETMASK:, GATEWAY:
  3. Connect the CPD503 to your router using the standard pass through network cable.
  4. Use your web browser (such as Internet Explorer) to browse If everything is configured correctly you should be able to see the web page of the CPD503 now.
  5. Download and install the software from the CPD503 by clicking on the page.
  6. Run the installed software (program AP) and then remote monitor and control your CPD503.

Special note of the network cable to connect the CPD503 to your network:

  1. Should you want to connect the CPD503 to your PC or notebook or network Switch directly (not go through router), you have to use a “crossover” cable.
  2. You may easily tell whether the cable in use is a correct one by reading the LED on the CPD503. One of the LED should keep blinking which indicates the system is normal while the other one (closer to the back panel) should be lit always, which means the network connection is OK.