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Veelock CCTV, Surveillance Pty Ltd.

     Professional, Quality, Service.

Founded in 1998, Veelock is an import wholesaler and has been involved in the security industry for over 13 years, assisting installers, wholesalers and installers with the best in security solutions. Specializing in CCTV and Surveillance Systems, our goal is to retain a consistently high standard by ensuring product reliability and performance while also keeping costs low. Our product range offers high performance solutions to enhance productivity and includes: CCD cameras, video processor and digital video recording (DVR) systems.

At Veelock, superior customer service is a top priority. We are committed in providing our customers with the highest standard of quality, reliability and support. Due to the longevity of our businesses and the strong relationship we have formed with our customers, Veelock's staffs are highly knowledgeable in the products and are dedicated in supplementing our customers with any difficulties or queries they may have. These attributes encompass Veelock's mission statement of: assisting our customers with professional expertise and knowledge, supplying quality products for low prices and complementing purchases with exemplary service.